Gorgeous Fauna of Armenian Highlands

Gorgeous Fauna of Armenian HighlandsThe fauna of the Armenian Upland is rich and diverse. Some species are listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, for example, Armenian viper (Vipera raddei), Armenian mouflon,

Wild goat, Golden eagle, Bearded vulture, Dalmatian pelican, Common shelduck, Marbled polecat, Persian leopard, Sevan trout (Ishkhan), Common crane, Syrian brown bear, Black stork, and Cinereous vulture.

So, the next time you have a walk in the forests and slopes of Armenia, be careful and look under your feet and around you. Below, you will understand why the animal kingdom of Armenian Plateau is particularly beautiful.

Asiatic lion.
• Vipera raddei.
• Armenian horse, Artsakh breed.
• Armenian gull.
• Armenian mouflon.
• Badger.
• Wild goat.
• Common snipe.
• Griffon vulture.
• White stork (Armenian: Aragil).
• Bearded vulture.
• Brown bear.
• Van cat.
• Wolf.
• Eurasian otter.
• Gampr, Armenian wolfhound.
• Mountain-creek trout.
• Macrovipera lebetina.
• Jermuk capreolus.
• Zangezur raccoon dog.
• Zangezur Pallas’s cat.
• Ishkhan or Sevan trout.
• Boar.
• Caucasian agama.
• Rock partridge.
• Jungle cat.
• Common pochard.
• Dalmatian pelican.
• Fox.
• Coypu.
• Deer.
• Marbled polecat.
• Persian leopard
• Arvicolinae.
• Striped hyena.
• Flamingo.
• Common crane.
• Tyto.
• Spur-thighed tortoise.
• African wildcat.
• Vulture.
• Caspian tiger.
• Khosrov lynx.
• Tufted duck.
• Black stork.
• Cinereous vulture.
• Eurasian teal.
• Erebuni weasel.

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