Gosh Lake – Tavush, Armenia

Gosh Lake – Tavush, ArmeniaGosh is a small lake located in Dilijan National Park, Tavush Province, Armenia. It is lying 2 km southeast of the village of Gosh, as well as in the vicinity of the Goshavank Monastery. The village, the monastery, and the lake were named after an Armenian writer, thinker, and public figure Mkhitar Gosh.

The surface area of the lake is 0,008 square km, max width is 80 meters, while max length is 100 meters. The max depth of the lake is 8 meters, the water volume is 1,500 cubic meters. The inflow of Gosh Lake is supplied by springs, as well as rain and snow. In summer, the temperature of the lake’s surface is only 14 °C.

The surroundings of the lake resemble a residence of gods: maybe, this is in fact the heaven that has been long searched for. In any case, the mere view of this unique sight evokes indescribable feelings. Stumbling upon such enchanting beauty, calmness, and natural splendor is truly an event of the greatest rarity.

In the surroundings of Gosh Lake, one can see various handmade monuments, as well as natural rock formations and mineral springs.

Unfortunately, Gosh Lake today stands in a poor condition as it slowly turns into a swamp. Ecologists carefully observe the lake.

Gosh Lake

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