Lake Artchak, Historykal Armenia

Lake Artchak is a small salt lake in the Armenian Highlands. It is currently located in the Van province of Western Armenia.

Formerly, it was located in the Vaspurakan province of Great Armenia, in the dynastic estate of the Artsrun princes.

The maximum depth of the lake is 30 meters, and the height from the sea level is 1890 meters. It is 270 meters higher than Lake Van, which is not far away. Due to the salinity of the lake waters, it is deprived of flora and fauna.

The eastern and northeastern shores of the lake are flat, the western one is mountainous. The area is 100 km, and the catchment area is 450 km. The rivers Artchishak, Kharakonis, and Khno flow into the lake. It freezes in winter.

by Armenians And Armenia

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