Lake Van Sends A Distress Signal – Traces Of 23-33 Million Years Old Animals In Sebastia – Nature Of Historical Armenia

In Sebastia, animal footprints and remains have been found, presumably belonging to deer, antelopes, and horses. Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering and Geology at Cumhuriyet University, Dr. Mesjin reports that the fossils are between 23 and 33 million years old.

According to Mesjin, “Although the traces are not very clear, one is small and the other is medium in size. Probably, they were left by groups of antelope gazelles, as well as horses.” The find, dating back to the Oligocene period, is considered the first of its kind in Historical Armenia.

Lake Van sends a distress signal

In Lake Van, Historical Armenia, the water level is constantly changing due to global climate change and weather conditions. In recent years, a significant decrease in water level has been observed.

The main reason for the lack of water in Lake Van is not the low precipitation but excessive evaporation.

It is predicted that the level of the lake will decrease from now on. The waters of the lake will recede more and more, which will lead to the formation of layers of land.

In the coastal areas of Artemêt‎ district, the lands of some residents of the Yenginsu region have dried up due to the decline in water in an area of more than 200 square meters.


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