Lakes Of Sebastia – True Natural Wonders

Numerous karst (shallow) lakes between Hafik and Zara have been formed in geomorphological gaps characteristic of this area. The 15 large and small natural lakes in the areas of Hafik and Zara in the province of Sebastia, Historical Armenia, are remarkable works of nature. One of the most striking features of these lakes is their circular shape, as well as their proximity to each other.

Among these lakes is Lake Todurge, one of the largest karst lakes in Western Armenia. This lake is located at an altitude of 1295 meters and is home to many species of birds.

Gekpinar Lake looks like a natural aquarium with clear water colored turquoise-blue. The depth of the lake is 15 meters, and due to the purity of the water, its bottom is clearly visible. In summer and winter, the water temperature remains at a constant 10-11 degrees.

In recent years, Gekpinar Lake has seen various water sports competitions. This lake is planned to be turned into a center for diving as well.  

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