Mamrot Kar Waterfall – Artsakh, Armenia

Mamrot Kar Waterfall – Artsakh, Armenia

The Mamrot Kar waterfall is also known as Hovanots or Shushva Umbrella. The root of the waterfall is a deep water source originating in the stone of the canyon, which gives rise to a continuously running waterfall in the form of a huge umbrella covered with moss (“mamur” in Armenian, hence the name “Mamrot Kar”, “stone covered in moss”).

With a cave under the “umbrella”, this impressive natural monument amazes visitors of all ages and is the main attraction of the canyon.

The Mamrot Kar waterfall is located along the Karkar River in a beautiful location with a swimming pool. The picturesque place is located under the eternally sheer cliffs of the Unot gorge, giving the surrounding nature almost unreal beauty.

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