Rock Spring on Mount Aragats – Armenia

Rock Spring on Mount Aragats – ArmeniaPowerful streams of lava covered numerous river channels. Some of the rivers managed to maintain their flow underground, but most weren’t able to withstand the molten rock. Among the survived streams is an ancient watercourse discovered under a thick layer of volcanic rock.

This watercourse can be observed along the modern river Kasagh River near Mount Aragats in Armenia. Because of this, this buried watercourse is called Paleokasagh.

Interestingly, in its upper banks, Kasagh is referred to as “the stone spring” as a reminder about the ancient dried-out water stream. The lava current that ruined the ancient river was waterproof, which caused the formation of a whole new stream.

Had the composition and structure of the Aragats’ lava been similar to those of Ararat, the saline soil wouldn’t turn into a flourishing oasis and no temporary settlements of ancient people would exist.

The “resurrected” river cut through 90 kilometers of rock, forming a beautiful canyon with numerous niches and grottos. The canyon is edged by tall and steep basalt pillars. The abundance of riffles in Kasagh make it a turbulent river. One of its sections features a gorgeous 70-meter tall waterfall.

Aragats Mount, North Peak / Winter Ascent / Արագած/ Арагац/

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