Russian Media’s Ugly Hypocrisy Towards Armenia

Russian Media’s Ugly Hypocrisy

Armenians are so used to the ugly hypocrisy in the Russian media in relation to Armenia that they don’t really react to it at an everyday level.

However, in recent times, the hypocrisy has acquired an official form. We are talking about the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, which announced that the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia “was taking steps to perpetuate the memory of such an ambiguous nationalist politician as Garegin Nzhdeh, in respect of whom there is information about cooperation with the Third Reich.”

Cooperation? This is the peak of absurdity and hypocrisy. At the time of WWII, Garegin Nzhdeh was a citizen of Bulgaria, which was an ally of Germany. Nzhdeh, as a citizen of Bulgaria, and as a regular officer was obliged to obey the wartime laws of the state of which he was a citizen.

Garegin Nzhdeh, as a true son of the Armenian people, even in this situation, remained committed to the interests of Armenia and the Armenians. That is why he is a hero of Armenia.

But back to the documented Russian hypocrisy.

Comment by Ruben Shukhyan

And yet, the history of the USSR from Soviet times is completely falsified, and the process continues to this day. Below is a unique photo, in which Adolf Hitler himself warmly welcomes the Premier of the Soviet Union and its Minister of Foreign Affairs Vyacheslav Molotov in November 1940 in Berlin.

Meanwhile, the WWII unleashed by Germany and the USSR in Europe has been going on for over a year. On the part of the USSR, the eastern areas of Poland had been occupied. The independent countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia had been occupied fully as well, while Finland and Romania had only been partially captured.

P.S. The photo below testifies to what is a real collaboration with the Nazis. And this is exactly how the ugly hypocrisy of Russian media in relation to Armenia looks like.

Molotov shakes hands with Himmler

Parade May 1, 1941 in Moscow in the presence of the Nazis

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