Syunik – Sisakan – Zangezur, Armenia

Syunik – Sisakan – Zangezur, ArmeniaSyunik (Սյունիք) or Sisakan (Սիսական) is a historical and geographical region of Armenia located in the eastern part of the Armenian Upland. It bears the name of the 9th province of Greater Armenia. The south of Syunik is also known as Zangezur.

Syunik was a large area in the east of historical Armenia. From west and northwest, Syunik bordered with Ayrarat, reaching the Vostan Hayots province, which’s center was the city of Dvin.

To the east, the natural border between Syunik and Artsakh passed along the Haker River. Southwest, the region stretched to the Nakhichevan Gavar in the province of Vaspurakan and even further to the Araxes river, covering the coast of Lake Sevan, and provinces of Gegharkunik and Sodk.

According to the 7th-century “Ashkharhatsuyts” (world guide), the Syunik Province was divided into 12 administrative units called gavars:

  1. Ernjak,
  2. Chahuk,
  3. Vayots Dzor,
  4. Gegharkunik,
  5. Sodk,
  6. Aghahechk,
  7. Tsghukk,
  8. Haband,
  9. Baghk or Balk,
  10. Dzork,
  11. Arewik,
  12. Kovsakan.

Today, we have several photos of the environment of the province to show you:

• Map of historical Syunik.
• Mount Khustup.
• A view from Mount Khustup.
• The Meghri Passage.
• Satani Kamurj Caves, Vorotan Canyon.
• The nature of Syunik.
• The nature of Syunik.
• The nature of Syunik.
• The nature of Syunik.

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