Tens of Thousands of Grottoes and Caves in Armenia

Tens of Thousands of Grottoes and Caves in ArmeniaMany wonders are concealed within the rock formations of Armenia. Speleologists have thoroughly examined separate cave structures, but there is undoubtedly more large-scale research ahead to do.

Only in the territory of modern Armenia, the number of rock formations – canopies, niches, grottoes, and caves – varies between 10-15 thousand. And in the initial period of human evolution, people lived in these natural niches near water sources.

In the area of the village of Tegh in Syunik Province, there are entire cave complexes of astounding scope. The very concept of “settlements of the Paleolithic” is associated with such fantastic landscapes.

In those times, the volcanoes of the Armenian Highlands were continuously erupting. Fierce lava blocked everything on its way – riverbeds, hunting trails, passages, and – as the ancient human cornered in his caves probably thought – the very possibility of existence. Rock niches, among other things, helped him overcome the fear of the fire element.

Armenia, Bear’s cave, 2011 – Հայաստան, Արջի քարանձավ, 2011 – Армения, Пещера “Медвежья”

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