The Jermajur Hot Springs In Artsakh

The natural warm springs flowing from underground sources are considered one of the most visited tourist destinations in Artsakh. In particular, one popular spot is the town of Jermajur rich in natural hot springs and located at an altitude of 2,200-2,400 meters.

The mineral water springs of Jermajur are renowned for their healing properties. The healing capabilities are the reason why people have visited this small town to swim in its warm reservoirs since ancient times.

The name “Jermajur” is an accurate description of the natural wealth of the resort settlement. Translated from Armenian, “Jermajur” means “hot water”.

The town of Jermajur is located on the banks of the Tartar River 20 km south of the town of Karvachar. The 200 km long Tartar River, also known as the Trtu River, originates from the slopes of the northern ranges of Artsakh and the southern ranges of Mravsar at an altitude of 3,158 meters. It flows through the Mardakert and Karvachar districts.

The water temperature of the river is 60 degrees Celsius regardless of the time of year. In the summer months, you can often see people swimming in its warm mineral waters.

If you are in Armenia, be sure to visit Artsakh and swim in the wonderful pools of Jermajur.

Source: Barev Armenia (2012, July 2), “Treasures of the Artsakh Jermajur Hot Springs”.

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