Vorotan River Gorge, Armenia

Vorotan River Gorge, Armenia

The deepest of the numerous gorges formed by Vorotan is located on the Tatev-Arzhis section at an altitude of 700-800 m. In this section, the gorge is so narrow that even the rays of the sun cannot penetrate and reach its bottom.

In one of the deepest places of the gorge is the most picturesque and amazing natural wonder of the Vorotan Canyon – the famous Devil’s Bridge.

The length of this natural bridge is 30 m and width is 50-60 m. The Goris-Tatev highway passes along this bridge. Mineral water pouring from sources in rock crevices painted the walls of the Vorotan canyon pink and yellow-green.

For many centuries, calcareous deposits of healing springs (travertines) spread from one bank to another, forming a powerful stone arch above the mad river.

Huge icicles – the bizarre stalactites — are hanging from the edges of the bridge, and waterfalls are cascading down from the rocky ledges.

In some places, under the exits of warm springs where the area resembles a huge stalactite cave, natural baths have formed where you can take medical procedures.

Որոտանի կիրճ – Vorotan River, Tatev, Armenia

Devil’s Bridge – Czarci Most – Vorotan River Canyon – Vortan Cave – Kanion rzeki Wortan – Jaskinia

Vorotan canyon – Armenia

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