Waterfalls of Armenia

Armenia is a water region, a country of lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

There are stories saying that Tigranes II the Great preferred to take pathways near waterfalls on his way back to Armenia.

He said: “I bathe in the streams of waterfalls in order to cleanse myself of foreign dust, help me to feel Armenia, the spirit of my ancestors again.

The water of Armenia gives me the strength and power for new battles.”

• Hankavan
• Aragats
• Berkri
• A waterfall on the Gegarot river, photo by Narek Hovhannisyan
• Vorotan
• Hadrut – Ukhtadzor
• Geghard
• A side view of Jermuk
• Jermuk
• The Qarqar waterfall, Artsakh
• Karavaz or Gerger waterfalls
• Kasakh
• Lastiver
• Meghradzor
• The Dzoraget river
• A small waterfall in woods
• Tortum
• Tortum
• Three-story waterfalls of Yerznka
• Trchkan
• Khachaghbyur
• The Khosrov waterfall
• Tsav
• Chran
• Shaki
• Shatin

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