2 000 Years Old Jug Discovered in Malatiya, Historical Armenia

2,000 Years Old Jug Discovered in Malatiya, Historical ArmeniaAn inhabitant of one of the villages of Malatiya in historical Armenia accidentally found a 2,000 years old jug in his garden, writes Turkish news agency DHA. The villager was watering the soil in his garden when he noticed that it collects and flows down into the ground in one spot. He began to dig into the soil and unearthed a large jug.

Experts evaluated that the jug is around 2,000 years old. The jug is 135 cm tall, 92 cm wide, and 52 cm in diameter.

Historical Armenia is rich with ancient artifacts and monuments. For instance, recently, a 12th-century bathhouse was discovered in Urfa. It featured three large rooms, which were almost perfectly preserved. The bathhouse is also remarkable for its separate pool and water supply system.

It should be noted that the unearthed artifacts and monuments are often attributed to the Turkish culture despite not having any connection with it. And unfortunately, the approach of the Turkish government hasn’t been put to an end and has even been directly or indirectly supported by some states during the last century. The peak of Turkish deeds was the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

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