7 Points From A Turkish Journalist Confirming The Fact Of The Armenian Genocide

Ahmet Hakan, a journalist of the Turkish Hurriyet newspaper, expressed his personal 7 points that confirm the Armenian Genocide:

1. We say that the word “genocide” is used by the imperialists. The largest imperialist is the United States, but they do not use this word.

2. If we are talking about the fact that the Armenian armed forces carried out attacks… Okay, but why organize deportations of all Armenians, which would lead to their massacre? Why was the guilt of the armed men assigned to innocent Armenians?

3. Why do we consider the Young Turks, the people responsible for the massacre of the Armenians, as our grandfathers instead of the defenders of the Armenians Reshid Bey, Mehmed Jalal Bey, or Faik Ali Bey? Why not yell that they are our grandfathers?

4. Now, I appeal to those who say that nothing has happened and all this is a lie. What happened to the Armenians who were the ancient people in these lands? Where did they go? What happened to their property? Who took this property?

5. We say that countries that have histories with massacres and genocide cannot teach us. Yes, right, but do statements about the dark past of these countries make our own past bright?

6. We use the word “Armenian” as an insult. Before saying the word “Armenian”, we apologize. On April 24, we lay a black wreath in front of the Akos editorial office of the murdered Hrant Dink. With that, how do we convince the world that we are humanists and won’t offend even a fly?

7. Okay, if we say that this is not genocide, will this save us from facing our past? Will we get clean? Will we free ourselves from all the sins of our history? What will we do to wash away the spilled blood?

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