A 0.9-0.5 Million Years Old Skull From Yerevan

A 0.9-0.5 Million Years Old Skull

In 1979, a 0.9-0.5 million years old skull of an ancient man was discovered by Armenian geologists A.T. Aslanian and Yu.V. Sayadyan in the sediments of the left slope of the canyon of Hrazdan River.

Renowned Russian anthropologist V.М. Kharitonov wrote in his “Finds of fossil hominids”: “The geological conditions of the find, as well as faunistic and indirect archaeological materials convinced the authors of the discovery that this skull belongs to a hominid dating back to the Acheulean period.

But anthropologists (V.P. Yakimov, V.M. Kharitonov) who studied the skull are pointing out its modern type of morphology. This undoubtedly is a paleoanthropological mystery since science does not know reliable evidence of the existence of a fossil sapiens of such an impressive geological age. The Yerevan find does not fit into the existing phylogenetic constructions.”

From “Questions of the geology of the quaternary period of Armenia”

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