Air Pollution in Yerevan: Increased Risk of Cancer Development in the Elderly

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Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, and research indicates a high level of air pollution in the city. Recent scientific studies suggest that continuous exposure to certain air pollutants can elevate the risk of cancer development among individuals aged 65 and older.

Association Between Pollution and Cancer Development

Experts analyzed participants diagnosed with breast cancer, colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, and prostate cancer. Through the research, a correlation was identified between the risk of cancer development and the exposure to air pollutants.

Results show that chronic exposure to PM2.5 and NO2 increases the risk of developing colorectal and prostate cancers. Moreover, exposure to NO2 is linked with an elevated risk of breast cancer.

Yerevan and Its Environmental Challenges

Yerevan faces significant environmental challenges, including vehicular emissions, industrial activities, and other pollution sources. This factor, according to specialists, may be one of the reasons for the increased risk of cancer development among the local population.

Air pollution is a concern for Yerevan, but recent scientific data confirm the severity of the situation. It is crucial for local authorities and the community to address this issue and take measures to improve the air quality in Armenia’s capital.

Note: This article is based on translated texts. For more detailed information, it is recommended to refer to the primary sources: Air Pollution May Increase Older People’s Risk of Prostate, Colorectal Cancer.

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