An Ancient City at the Bottom of Lake Sevan

An Ancient City at the Bottom of Lake SevanAt the bottom of Lake Sevan, there are ruins of an ancient city with an age of more than 12 thousand years. It was recently found by the experts of the Ayas underwater research club.

Lake Sevan is one of the largest highland lakes in Eurasia. Due to its geographic location, its water level often rises. While 5 years ago it was 1899 m, today, it is already 1900.4 m. The researchers suggest that that’s why the mysterious city went underwater 12 thousand years ago.

It is still unknown what kind of city it was. However, according to Rafayel Mkrtchyan, the head of the department of the Ayas club, the finds suggest that the city was the residence of an ancient royal dynasty.

“In the flooded city, we found cave paintings, inscriptions, precious stones, as well as flat concrete slabs that very much resembled a road,” Mkrtchyan said.

Among the interesting finds on the bottom of the lake was a 9-kilogram basalt mortar. As it is known, mortars and pestles were an essential household tool.

With the help of it, the grain was ground into flour, which was then used to bake bread. In addition, ancient people prepared various mixtures and medicines by mixing herbs and plants with it. According to archaeologists, this is not the first find of this kind and today, they are honorable exhibits in the museums of Armenia.

In addition to underwater research, experts conducted an expedition on the shores of Sevan. As the deputy of the scientific center of the historical and cultural heritage Hakob Simonyan told, a wooden cart, chariot, royal burial places, and gold ornaments, all more than 3,500 years old, were found near the village of Lchashen.

“After research on the coast of Sevan, we conducted excavations in the Lchashen Fortress and found exhibits with an age of at least 3,500 years. Among the most unusual finds are the bones of a bison of the Ice Age. It’s just a stunning discovery,” Hakob Simonyan said.

Let us note that archaeological excavations are still being carried out in the village of Lchashen. According to experts, the received data shows the connection of the Armenian Highlands and Central Asia since the Bronze Age.

“Besides finding a bison’s bones, we found many remains of wild and domestic animals,” Hakob Simonyan said, “In addition, precious stones such as pomegranate and turquoise have been discovered. There is a possibility that they had been brought from Central Asia. We can’t currently tell what kind of relations had been between those regions”

Today, the search for answers continues, but soon, the researchers plan to conduct more than a hundred expeditions and invite scientists from other countries to surely dispel all doubts about the mysterious ancient city at the bottom of the lake.

Archeologists find ancient town submerged underwater on Lake Sevan

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