An Exhibition Dedicated To The City Of Ani Opened In Kars

An exhibition dedicated to one of the ancient Armenian capitals, the city of Ani, has opened in the city of Kars. The Turkish organizers of the event deliberately chose the word “Ane” as the name of the exhibition, which means “memory” in Turkish.

As it’s known, the Turks deliberately change Armenian toponyms in order to “forget” about the real owners of the territories of Historical Armenia. For the same purpose, they call the Armenian Akhtamar “Akdamar”, which means “white vein” in Turkish.

All this is reported by with reference to the Turkish newspaper Karsmanset.

According to the source, the exhibition was organized by the administration of the Kars Regional People’s Library as part of the events dedicated to the 967th anniversary of the Turkish occupation of Ani.

The exhibition featured photos by Turkish photographer Vedat Akcayoz. The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Deputy Governor of Kars Selcuk Haskirish, Director of Culture and Tourism of Kars Province Hayrettin Çetin, Director of the Public Library of Kars Province Mehtap Chantai, and directors of several institutions.


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