An Olive Grove In The Village Of Ishkhanadzor – Artsakh

8 years have passed since Avetis Sanoyan and his family moved from the Syrian city of Aleppo to the village of Ishkhanadzor in Artsakh. During recent years, he and his brother planted gardens, were engaged in grain production, and acquired their own agricultural equipment. They no longer think about returning to Syria.

Last fall, they cleared more than 1 hectare of land of shrubs to start an olive grove. The brothers had had an olive grove in Syria, so they knew how to start and maintain one.

Then, AGBU representatives visited Kovsakan, got acquainted with the olive grove, and offered cooperation to the Syrian Armenians. According to the project they proposed, up to 150,000 olive trees are to be planted in the area.

So far, gardens have already been started in Kovsakan, Ditsmayri, Ishkhanadzor, and some other settlements. The land and air of Ishkhanadzor are perfect for the development of these trees since this species grows in dry zones very well.

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