Ancient Tomb in Gavar, Armenia

In Hatsarat, town of Gavar, Gegharkunik province, Armenia, a tomb of Kingdom of Van’s period has been discovered.

According to Doctor of Historical Sciences and head of the scientific research division of Service for The Protection of Historical Environment of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Armenia Ashot Piliposyan’s, the finds dated at 7th century BC will be featured at the Metsamor exhibition.

According to Piliposyan, the tomb has been built around the same time as the nearby fortress Berdi Glukh (Armenian: Բերդի գլուխ, Top of the Fortress).

Research showed that remains belonged to four men and one woman, and one of the men has probably been a high-ranking person in the Kingdom of Van. Localities near Sevan lake must have played an essential role in the politics of the region during the rule of kings of Kingdom of Van Arghishti II and Rusa II.

Roads to Artshakh, Sotk, and Spaghan were secured by the administration of this region as their gold mines have had great value in the kingdom.

Scientists need to reconstruct the bodies to measure their length, but the restoration of the skulls isn’t the easiest task as their bones have been shattered. Besides the remains, several artifacts have been found, including an iron spear, fragments of a dagger, agate beads, golden inlays with ornaments, and pottery.

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