Ancient Town Discovered at the Bottom of Lake Sevan

Ancient Town Discovered at the Bottom of Lake SevanArchaeologists discovered the ruins of an ancient settlement at the bottom of Lake Sevan in Armenia. Experts think that it has been submerged underwater for thousands of years.

According to the researchers, the underwater city contained “stone carved art, some kind of writing, burial places, and even large ‘concrete-like’ slabs that resemble streets.” At the site, other artifacts have been discovered as well, including pottery, household items, as well bones of domesticated and wild horses.

Several months ago, a group of divers found a 10,000 years old bison bone at a depth of 6-7 meters in Lake Sevan. This bone is supposedly a part of the backbone of a bison that lived here before the latest ice age.

According to Nina Manaseryan, a Ph.D. in Biology, bones of ancient bison have been discovered in Lake Sevan before. Because bison usually inhabited forests, it appears that the surroundings of Lake Sevan have once been covered by forests.

Lake Sevan is a true treasure trove for archaeologists. At the shores of Lake Sevan were found some of the oldest preserved carts and chariots. Today, the multitude of artifacts discovered in the waters of Lake Van as well as its surroundings is showcased in the Institutes of Biology and Zoology of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences. According to experts, only about 1% of Lake Sevan is explored, and hundreds of new expeditions are now being prepared.

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Archeologists find ancient town submerged underwater on Lake Sevan

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