Another Armageddon in the Culture and Architecture of Armenia

Another Armageddon in the Culture

The photograph below shows a medieval bridge built in Oshakan by Nahapet of Edessa in 1691-1706. Under the bridge, modern hustlers mounted a swimming pool, turning the historic place into an entertainment and recreational area.

It would be great to know who is the author of this monstrous “masterpiece”. It remains only to place dressing rooms and toilets under the arches of the bridge for the completion of the “ingenious ensemble.”

It is good that this time, the backlash wasn’t delayed. The Service for the Protection of the Historical Environment and Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserves appealed to the governor of Aragatsotn to take appropriate measures for the immediate dismantling of the swimming pool in the territory of the historical monument in the village of Oshakan of the Republic of Armenia.

The bridge is registered as state property and as a historical cultural monument of Armenia.

It is said that the swimming pool was installed without the permission of an authorized body and completely distorts the appearance of the monument.

Ruben Shukhyan

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