Another slap in the face of Azerbaijanis

Another slap in the face of AzerbaijanisThe video presented below and broadcast on Italian television is called “Another slap in the face of Azerbaijanis”. This refers to the process of mediocre search for national identification by the Azerbaijani agitprop.

In the post-Soviet states, media of Russia spreads information supporting the falsification of the history of Azerbaijan, which was invented by Soviet government and Turks.

Such a massive falsification conducted by Turks and Russians would be envied by Goebbels himself, whose methods have been applied to world history, in which Armenia’s past is covered quite actively.

And that’s why we should nor trust Azerbaijan neither listen to Russian media’s falsifications, which prove the inadequacy and narrow-mindedness of the organizers. The only thing that has value is the truth, which is highlighted by the Italian television channel.

Video in Russian. If you know about such a video in another language please let us know. Thank you.

Итальянское тв-очередная пощечина азербайджанцам

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