Anti-Armenian Demonstrations In Istanbul

POLIS, Marmara, Agos – Because of Azerbaijan’s attack on Artsakh, a new ferment against the Armenians arose in Turkey along with anger and hatred.

Demonstrations against Armenians took place in Beyazit Square. The demonstrators spoke out for Baku and said that Armenia “showed that it is a terrorist country that attacked civilians.”

Demonstrators gathered in front of the Azerbaijani consulate in Beşiktaş and started cursing the Armenians.

A similar demonstration took place on October 5 in the Osmanbey district of Istanbul, which is located in close proximity to the Armenian-populated Ferigyugh and Şişli districts.

On the same day, a column of cars covered with Azerbaijani flags marched through the streets of the Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople, chanting anti-Armenian slogans.

The Patriarchy in a statement on recent clashes emphasized the need for peace in society.

Source:, Translation: Art-A-Tsolum

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