Anti-Armenian Hysteria in Russian Media

Anti-Armenian Hysteria in Russian MediaAnti-Armenian hysteria concerning the lately signed EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement promises to gain some momentum in Russian media.

The general hysterical articles and materials published and shown on the channels “Zvezda”, “ORT” and “NTV” will soon be joined by other channels, just because it would be possible for them to get involved into the huge money flow.

Let’s try to examine the reasons for the disturbance of the Russian media, which, judging by the development of events in Armenia and around it, promises to increase.

The increasing flow of Western investments into Armenia as well as the frequent visits of quite powerful officials and businessmen are the main reasons. So taking into account the unstable Russian market that is undergoing constant redistribution, Kremlin’s positive evaluation of the anti-Armenian materials is obvious.

The Russian financial instabilities are, in the first place, the consequences of sanctions that have critically affected the easy money of the Russian government, not to mention the decrease in budget revenues. The latter actually is not a priority for Russia.

The mechanism of promotion of hysteria in the media is simple – certain TV channels (mainly federal or those with large coverage) are paid for it. Also, the propaganda spreads through some corrupted politics and political scientists like one Gevorg Mirzoyan, whom the Azerbaijanis have already called a pro-Azerbaijani political scientist.

The unlimited pouch of funds for anti-Armenian activities has been provided by the tandem of the Kremlin and Azerbaijan for many years. At this stage, they hope to discourage the Russian Armenian business with their enviable positions through raider seizures with the possible organization of pogroms.

In the process of fulfilling their goals, they will expand the market of venal media. And of course, this will lead to an increase of bribes in the business environment of Russia.

And that is why the structure called the Union of Russian Armenians started to stir. But with the current potential headed by the chairman of the Union A. Abrahamyan, the structure has nothing to count on. Thus, the Armenians of Russia must keep their eyes open and count only on themselves.

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