Arab Book About the Armenian Genocide

Arab Book About the Armenian GenocideIn 2015 in Egypt, an Arab book about the Armenian Genocide was published. It is based on hitherto secret documents and extracts of orders of Turkish officials, eyewitnesses and executors of the most terrible crime committed 100 years ago in the Middle East.

The authors of the publication are Arab scientists Samir Arbash and Nabil Thome, lecturers at the universities of Cairo and Amman.

In the voluminous work, the authors tell about the history of the Armenian people, the contribution of Armenians to the cuisine, culture, history, development of the whole Middle East, and historical ties of the Armenian-Arab relations.

From chapter to chapter, authors gradually move on to the resettlement of the Turks who migrated from Central Asia to Asia Minor, Iran, and the Middle East, the formation of the Ottoman Empire, and the planned destruction of the Cilician Kingdom of Armenia and then the whole historical Armenia.

Attaching factual archival documents, the authors tell readers about the extermination of Armenians and Armenian architectural monuments, the beginning of which has been first laid under Abdul Hamid to be later carried on by the Young Turks around 1915, when 1.5 million Armenians were killed.

The authors also recall the troubles and sufferings of the Arabs in the era of the Ottoman Empire, and the Turkish falsifications in regard to the history and politics of the Arab countries. The book went on sale in 14 Arab countries, and soon will be translated into English and French.

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