Arab Historian’s Ethnic and Political Term “Armenocide”

Arab Historian’s Ethnic and Political Term "Armenocide"Arab lawyer and historian from Lebanon Metr Musa Prens studied the history of the Armenian Genocide, its planning, and implementation in the 1960s, and then created a great scientific work (more than 600 printed pages in French).

In his work, Prens explained the essence of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and showed the criminal indifference of the superpowers of that time.

In June 1967, Musa Prens participated in the Second International Congress in Paris dedicated to the prevention of crimes against humanity. During the meeting, Prence used the term “Armenocide” for the first time, thereby describing the ethnic component of the term “genocide” introduced by Raphael Lemkin decades earlier. He considered the Armenian Genocide a crime that remained unpunished in the history of mankind.

The term “Armenocide” has not only an ethnic but also a political meaning, thus indicating the ethnic cleansing of the Armenian ethnos in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the Ottoman Empire.

Tigran Adjoyan

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