Aragats Foundation – For the Preservation of Armenian Cultural Heritage

Aragats Foundation – For the Preservation of Armenian Cultural HeritageThe Aragats Foundation recently published a film about several archaeological monuments located on Mount Aragats. Over the past years, archaeological teams have conducted a number of excavations in this area.

The Aragats Foundation is dedicated to the propagation and preservation of the Armenian heritage for the oncoming generations and at the same time aids the communes of Armenia to improve education, stimulate tourism, and contribute to their stable development.

This brilliant nonprofit organization was founded in 2014 and has been headed by Lori Khachaturyan, Adam Smith, and Elen Aghekyan, the members of the Armenian-American ARAGATS project established in 1998. ARAGATS has prepared several generations of Armenian and American archaeologists. It is the oldest international project in Armenia.

Armenia is an outdoor museum, but we know about its heritage as much as we would have known about an iceberg by just examining its peak. Armenia has great development potential, especially in regard to tourism, and such projects are undoubtedly reassuring.

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