Armen Grigoryan on launching CSTO mechanisms: “There is no more hope!”

Yerevan’s demand from the CSTO was to provide military and military-political assistance to Armenia, but so far it has not been fulfilled, Secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan said in a conversation with Azatutyun.

“Naturally, we cannot be satisfied with this part. CSTO has not yet responded to the fact that the Azerbaijani troops must be completely withdrawn from the sovereign territory of Armenia means that our expectations have not been met, our expectations will come true only in the event of the withdrawal of enemy troops,” he said.

“Freedom”. – Mr. Grigoryan, are you satisfied with the reaction of the CSTO, whose monitoring group is now in Armenia, especially considering how quickly the CSTO troops arrived in Kazakhstan, including at the initiative of Armenia?

Armen Grigoryan. – What did we count on and what question did we formulate when we applied to the CSTO? Provide military and military-political assistance to Armenia so that the sovereignty of Armenia is protected and Azerbaijani troops are withdrawn from the sovereign territory of Armenia. This was our demand from the CSTO, but it has not yet been fulfilled. Naturally, this part cannot satisfy us.

“Freedom”. – During the events in Kazakhstan, you expressed the hope that these mechanisms would finally work and a precedent would be created. Now analytical and expert circles say that this was the last impulse.

Armen Grigoryan. – Naturally, there was such hope, and, naturally, this hope has completely disappeared, and there is no such hope anymore ……

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