Armenia for Right to Life: Kristina Ayanian from stage of Miss Universe 2022 pageant

Preliminaries for the Miss Universe 2022 pageant ended in the U.S., where 25-year-old Armenian representative Kristina Ayanian spoke about the right to life and the power of women in Armenia, reports.

At the national costume stage, Kristina took the stage in a cape dress that featured ornaments used in Armenian carpet weaving and a shield that was also decorated with Armenian patterns. The beauty wore a crown and found a plaque on the stage that read ‘Armenia for the Right to Life.’

During the swimsuit show, Kristina took the stage in a pink swimsuit and a light blue cape. There were different images and inscriptions on the girls’ capes at this stage.

The beauty representing Armenia chose to wear a cape with “Women’s Power”, “Miracle” and many other inscriptions.

And during the evening gown fashion show, Kristina presented herself in a blue evening gown that had a bold neckline at the hips, her hair was loose, and her makeup was expressive.


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