Armenia, the Source of Mesopotamian Knowledge – Mitchell S. Rothman

Armenia, the Source of Mesopotamian Knowledge“All the knowledge in Mesopotamia came from Armenia. Armenia is the absent fragment in the entire mosaic of the ancient world’s civilizations’ construction. Shengavint has supplemented the lacking chains, which we had been facing while studying the ancient culture of Mesopotamia.”

Mitchell S. Rothman, a professor of anthropology and archeology, founder of Department of Anthropology at the Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Archaeological excavations of Shengavit in Armenia

Since June 19, 2012, the archeological excavations of Shengavit, one of the most important early monuments of Armenia, had begun.

Shengavit can be considered a full-fledged city of the Bronze Age. This opinion was expressed by the director of the scientific and research center of historical and cultural heritage Hakob Simonyan during a joint press conference with the head of the Department of Anthropology of the Widener University (Pennsylvania, USA) Mitchell Rothman.

Excavations have been carried out by two expeditionary groups, an Armenian and Armenian-American. The initiators of the excavations were the historical-archeological museum-reserve “Erebuni” of Yerevan municipality and the “Research center of cultural and historical heritage” organization.

The American side was represented by Professor of the Department of Anthropology at the Widener University (Pennsylvania) Mitchell Rothman. The Armenian expedition was headed by the doctor of historical sciences Hakob Simonyan.

The purpose of the excavations was to find an ancient defensive system on the site as well as make specifications related to architectural structures and layers. It was also planned to strengthen some areas of the discovered buildings.

Excavations continued until August 10, 2012. Expeditionary groups of about 50 people consisted not only of specialists needed for multidisciplinary research but also students of Armenian universities.

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