Armenian Genocide Among The Four Worst Genocides In History – Times Square Chronicles

Times Square Chronicles (T2C) of New York has published an article about the worst crimes against humanity in modern history.

The article, in particular, talks about the Armenian Genocide in Western Armenia, which became a precedent for other crimes committed in the 20th century on ethnic grounds.

T2C writes that 1.5 million people (2 million from 1894 to 1923) became victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. The Armenian Genocide is officially considered the first modern genocide in the history of mankind. The original target of the mass extermination was healthy men, which would make the restoration of the Armenian population impossible.

Turkey still refuses to recognize these crimes as genocide, T2C writes.

Among the 4 most terrible genocides also mentioned by T2C, apart from the Armenian Genocide, were the Holocaust (1941–1945, more than 6 million victims), the Holodomor in Ukraine, the Kuban, and Kazakhstan (1932–1933, more than 10 million victims), and the Cambodian Genocide (1975-1979, more than 3 million victims).

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