“Armenian Highlands”, Not “Eastern Anatolia” or “South Caucasus”

“Armenian Highlands”, Not “Eastern Anatolia” or “South Caucasus”According to the latest research in comparative and genetic linguistics, archaeology, anthropology, and historical geography, the homeland of Indo-European peoples included the Armenian Highlands (the cradle of the Armenian people), eastern Asia Minor, and northern Mesopotamia.

It should be noted that the incorrect use of terms like “Eastern Anatolia” and “South Caucasus” instead of “western” and “eastern Armenian Highlands” respectively distorts toponymic terminology, complicating the definition and classification of linguo-archaeological material.

In fact, the Caucasus with all its parts (northern, southern, eastern and western) and foothills is located to the north and east of the Armenian Highlands and the Kur River while Anatolia with all its regions (northern, southern, eastern and western) is within the Asia Minor to the west of the Armenian Highlands.

Approaching modern studies based on archeology and Indo-European linguistics from these scientific positions, we can state that “Anatolia” and “Anatolian” are falsifications by Turkish and some foreign publications based on certain political interests.

Instead of the Western Armenian Highlands occupied by Turkey, the fabricated term “Eastern Anatolia” is widely used. It is known that even a hint of the name “Armenian Highlands” may deprive any foreign archaeologist of the opportunity to participate in excavations in Western Armenia.

A small excerpt from the article “Historical justice against militant obscurantism” written by the head of the Department of Ancient History of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Doctor of Historical Sciences Eduard Danielyan.

The Babylonian map of the world is one of the oldest maps, dating at the end of the 8th century BC – the beginning of the 7th century BC. Armenia is the only modern state depicted on this map.

by Alexander Bakulin

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