Armenian Highlands, the Historical Homeland of Armenians

Each nation is geographically tied to some piece of a land. As for Armenians, they have two homelands – one historical and one inherited from political injustice. Today, the latter’s area is equal to the area of the modern Kiev region.

The historical homeland of the Armenians is the Armenian Highlands, which can be called a mountainous island in relation to the lower surrounding plateaus.

It is from here that the five longest rivers in the Middle East begin – Euphrates, Tigris, Aratsani, Chorokh, and Kur. In the center of the Armenian Highlands, Mount Ararat (now located on the territory of Turkey) rises, which is the highest point in the Middle East.

At its peak, as it is known from the Bible, the Ark of Noah moored. Unfortunately, today, the authorities of Turkey do not give scientists access to Ararat, and it is only possible to investigate the remains of Noah’s Ark from photographs from space.

It can be assumed that the first part of the land that Noah saw after the Flood would later become the city of Yerevan (the twelfth capital city of Armenia). Maybe coincidentally, in Armenian, “yereval” means “to appear.”

The cuneiform stone “passport” of Yerevan is exhibited today in the History Museum of Armenia. According to the museum’s data, Yerevan is 29 years older than Rome (The Eternal City was founded in 753 BC).

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