Armenian Restaurant “Mayrik” in Toronto

Armenian Restaurant "Mayrik" in TorontoThe Canadian edition “The Star” published an article about one of the oldest institutions in Toronto, the Armenian restaurant “Mayrik” (Armenian: mother) founded in the middle of the 20th century by Armenian immigrants who had fled from the Armenian Genocide of 1915 in Turkey.

“The restaurant in downtown Toronto was reopened last year. It is primarily focused on the cuisine of Western Armenia.

Here, you can taste such delicious dishes as Armenian-style manti, kebabs made in accordance with ancient Armenian recipes from Urfa, various meat delicacies and, of course, the traditional juicy pakhlava,” writes the edition.

It is also noted that the Armenian restaurant in Toronto is a unique place where one could familiarize themselves with the hospitality of the Armenian people and its old history through their gastronomic traditions.

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