Armenians are the Standard for Azerbaijanis

Armenians are the Standard for AzerbaijanisI was wondering whether to put this article or not. One Aydin Ali-zade is a questionable person. His articles have a claim to a deep philosophy. One of his articles has even been removed from the resource from which it had been originally reprinted.

Whatever the case, the degree of hatred in the Azerbaijani society towards Armenians mirrors their hatred towards themselves. At the moment, it has reached its highest point because of the aforementioned article.

The article is quite informative, especially given that this degree of hatred will someday burst in the Azerbaijani society itself.

Armenians are the standard for Azerbaijanis

“The Azerbaijani people have long suffered from a “special kind of disease called Armenian mentality,” Azerbaijani doctor of philosophical sciences Aydin Ali-Zadeh writes in an article published on the site

“In psychiatry, there is persecution mania, fear of height, and similar issues. But we have a mania concerning the very concept of “Armenian”. We all do it because Armenians did the same. If Armenians do not do something, then we cannot think of it ourselves.

And all contests and competitions are only conducted in order to occupy positions higher than Armenians,” he writes.

According to Aydin Ali-Zadeh, Armenians are the standard for Azerbaijanis. “They are the center of the universe, the starting point. All our thoughts, aspirations are connected with this concept.

When someone says that something is wrong, our people, instead of fixing it, say that in Armenia, it is even worse. And if we are told that there is something better in Armenia, it means that huge resources will be immediately allocated to make that that something is better than in Armenia.

Even if our people act badly, they still note that the Armenians did the same thing worse. It has come to the point that we publish information from the Armenian criminal chronicles. We are trying to show that our criminals are better than in Armenia.

So it’s good that there are Armenians in the world. If not for them, many people would be left unemployed, many people would have nothing to write about. Many people would not arrange international competitions and would not have earned money.

People simply have nothing to say. We would not have industry, agriculture, planes would not fly, trains would not go. All this is only because it is in the hands of the Armenians. And since Armenians do or have something, we have to do and have the same, but better and more,” Aydin Ali-Zadeh says.

It should be noted that a few hours after the publication of this article in 2015, access to the site was restricted. It just said: “The bandwidth is exhausted”.

Source: Soul in Armenia … 8.09.2015

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