Armenians From All Over The World Come To Artsakh

Most Armenians who have lived for many years in all corners of the world now return to Armenia to go to the front in Artsakh.

Armenians arriving from different countries to the “Zvartnots” airport in the capital of Armenia gave interviews to “Zinuzh” media.

The father of Albert (who is now fighting at the front) had been born in the city of Gyumri. He came back to Armenia to visit his son. He said: “I am sorry that Azerbaijanis were born. Seeing the situation in Artsakh, I cannot sleep peacefully at night.”

The Armenian from Yakutia expressed confidence that they would win and wanted to get to Artsakh as soon as possible.

Armenian citizens are returning from Samara, Yakutia, Moscow, and other cities of the world to win the war.

One of the Armenians who arrived in Yerevan said that “Aliyev must understand that his aggression is directed against 10 million Armenians.”


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