Armenians of Russia Have no Future – Ruben Mehrabyan

Armenians of Russia Have no FutureThe Armenians of Russia have no future, and we must clearly assert this, not hiding behind some kind of friendly relations. Before the revolution, we had a president – a clown who was glad that the Russian Federation was facilitating the obtaining of Russian citizenship for the citizens of Armenia.

Today, we have to campaign for repatriation and create conditions for it, all at the state level. Armenians living in Russia should understand that “it is not their passports that will be harmed” and thereby should sell their homes and everything they have and move to their homeland.

Jews moved to their homeland, created gardens in the desert, and fought for these gardens. I don’t think that our people are so mercantile that they need conditions better than those that exist now.

And the repatriation should be carried out at the expense of money, in particular, of those Russian oligarchs (Armenians) whom Putin, if needed, in half an hour will imprison and make homeless.

ՌԴ-ում հայերը ապագա չունեն․ բարեկամության քողի տակ սա տաբուի կամ հնդկական կովի չպետք է վերածենք

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