Armenians racially belong to the Armenoid Race, the indegenous race of Armenian Highland

After the Neolithic age, Armenia started history as an Advanced Culture, the Kura–Araxes culture in the East and as Upper Tigris-Euphrates Culture in the West as situated upon Plateua of Armenia and generally in the Northern Near East that has had a Global Contribution on the Evolution and Progress of Human Civilization during the all historical ages in all respects, most importantly from its early beginning. Later, Armenia became part of Eastern Civilization during the period of Achemeanian Empire.

With the Conquest of Alexander the Great, Armenia became a Hellenic Country, eventually becoming part of Greco-Roman World. Armenia was always the Eastern Province and Border of Rome, Eastern Roman Empire and later the Byzantine Empire. In fact, great number of Byzantine Emperors and few Empresses have Armenian Origin. In 301, Armenia was the first state to adopt Christianity and to make it a state Religion of Armenian Kingdom by the King Tiridates III the Great and it was the final step that rooted Armenia as a part of European/Western Civilization.

It is important to note:

1st: Armenians racially belong to the Armenoid Race, the indegenous race of Armenian Highland-Asia Minor Tableland. Both the Anatolian Farmers and Caucasian Hunter-Gatheres together belong to the same Armenoid Race. Hurrians were also eminated from the Plateau of Armenian as Armenoids. The bases of Armenian language is Hurro-Urartian/Araratian language that was the native language of the Plateua of Armenia and later there were comprehensive and versatile influences from Armenian and Indo-European Languages, and other Language Groups on each other, conditioned by the cultural appropriations due to surrounding region, trade routes, conquests, invasions, migrations and other historical events.

2nd: The borders of Europe in antiquity were stretching from the Mediterranean to the Near-East that was considered the known World and Civilized territory.

3rd: The core foundation of European/Western Civilization is the Greco-Roman Civilization.

4th: In the region in question there are substantion anthropological developments such as the Armenoids, and there are also less repevant philological developments such as Indo-Europeans. It is best to get both sides of the equation right.

Our Glory Won’t Fade. Only the name of Tigran the Great is enough to cast shadow on barbarian lower elements and Genocidal Syndicate Turkey-Azerbaijan.

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