Azerbaijan Claims An Armenian Khachkar To Be Its Legacy

Stop the falsifications! In 2011, famous traveler Vladimir Varfolomeev visited Baku where, as is inherent in any traveler, he would take a lot of photos.

From the large number of buildings and monuments he captured, my attention was attracted by only one photograph. The caption to this photo reads: “Baku. Ancient plates in the Shirvanshah Palace.”

Everything would be fine if the Armenian cross and Armenian inscriptions were not clearly visible on this ancient slab. A fragment of the inscription reads “Ած ողորմի Խդրշայի? Թվ:.. Ը:” (the words aren’t fully preserved), which could be read as “God bless Khidir Shah”.

This khachkar dates to the 14th-15th centuries.

Thus, this ancient slab is nothing more than an Armenian khachkar turned upside down. The Azerbaijani authorities, according to the established tradition of forgery and falsification, claim this monument as their legacy.

Photo Source:

Grigor Narinyan

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