Azerbaijan Conducts Heavy Shelling on Armenian Territory

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense, known for frequently launching extensive media campaigns that include the dissemination of misinformation, laid the groundwork for a subsequent provocation on August 31. According to reports, as of 07:50 on September 1, Azerbaijani forces initiated heavy shelling of Armenian positions in the Sotk region.

Towards Armenian positions located in the Sotk area, the Azerbaijani armed forces are using not only small arms of various calibers but also mortars. The Ministry of Defense of Armenia will issue an additional statement concerning the unfolding situation, says an official report from the ministry.

As a result of the Azerbaijani army’s shelling targeting Armenian positions in the Sotk region, there are two fatalities and one wounded on the Armenian side. This information has been confirmed by Armenia’s Ministry of Defense.

Details on the deceased servicemen, as well as the health status of the wounded soldier, will be released later by the Ministry of Defense.

Armenia’s Ministry of Defense pledges to issue an additional statement regarding the escalating situation.

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