Azerbaijan Destroys More Armenian Monuments Than the Terrorists Do in the Middle East – US Ex-Senator

Azerbaijan Destroys More Armenian Monuments

Azerbaijan destroys more Armenian monuments than the terrorists do in the Middle East – US ex-senator.

This was said back in 2016, and in the light of the propaganda aimed at preparing the Armenian society for peace, I would like to ask – what has changed?

Did our neighbors stop wiping out the legitimate Armenian heritage in the historic homeland of the Armenians? Did our neighbors apologize and compensate for the Armenian officer hacked to death during the peaceful NATO courses? Or did our neighbors admit their bloodthirstiness and apologize and compensate for the severed heads of the Armenian soldiers murdered by them?

No, nothing has changed! Our neighbor who does not hesitate to harm us and won’t hesitate to even wipe out the Armenian ethnos if given the opportunity has not changed either.

The government of Armenia has changed from thieves to neo-Bolsheviks who at the command of the Kremlin are carrying out traitorous propaganda that seems like the hundred years old Bolshevik plan. All under the approving hooting of the current “government” of Armenia.

Know this – Azerbaijan deliberately destroyed more Armenian monuments than the terrorists did in the Middle East. This was stated on March 2, 2016, by ex-senator from the state of Utah Bill Barton.

“Having surpassed even ISIS (an organization banned in the Russian Federation), the Azerbaijani authorities destroyed a myriad of ancient Christian churches in order to wipe out the ancient history of Christian Armenians,” the Salt Lake Tribune quoted Barton back in the day.

Such a statement was made by Barton after the senator of the state of Utah Jean Davis praised Azerbaijan for its “interreligiousness, harmony, and tolerance.”

“Instead of absurdly praising Azerbaijan for respecting Christians, lawmakers should watch a video from 2005, in which 100 Azerbaijani soldiers demolish medieval Christian tombstones in the sacred cemetery in the city of Julfa,” said Barton and stressed that the American Association for the Advancement of Science had confirmed the authenticity of the video.

Bill Barton also noted that many leading media outlets did not report on the actions of Azerbaijani soldiers. According to him, Azerbaijan declares its tolerance and thus creates the impression that if areas of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) are passed to Azerbaijan, nothing bad will happen to the Christians living there.

“Distorting reality, Azerbaijan accused Artsakh of destroying mosques. The 19th-century Armenian church, which the Azerbaijani president mentioned when speaking about respecting Christianity, has been turned into a presidential library. The fact that ethnic cleansing of Armenians has been carried out in Azerbaijan is being concealed as well, even though their Christian heritage is now being destroyed,” said Bill Barton.

Several thousand Armenians currently live in the state of Utah, the families of many of whom survived the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The maternal family of Bill Barton himself had fled the genocide in the early 1900s. According to the ex-senator, the praise of Azerbaijan is an insult to the population of Utah whose residents have long advocated tolerance and interfaith religious harmony.

Recently, there was a similar publication in The Guardian titled Monumental loss: Azerbaijan and ‘the worst cultural genocide of the 21st century


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