Azerbaijani authorities are responsible for the killing of three Armenian servicemen

The Azerbaijani authorities are acting in blatant violation of international norms, and bear the responsibility of the killing the 3 servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces (violating their right to life), and the damaging of the health of the wounded servicemen.

At the basis of this statement are the facts that the Azerbaijani armed forces:

  1. Have incurred and have illegally positioned themselves in the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia, specifically in the Gegharkunik and Syunik provinces;
  2. since November 9, 2020, they are physically present in the lands that are legally owned by the residents of Armenia or are part of the communal ownership based on legal documents and property rights;
  3. they are regularly firing in the direction of the villages, creating a real threat to the life and health of the civilians, and causing damage to their property and livestock;
  4. they are engaged in illegal acts against civilians, such as theft of livestock, illegally attempting to deprive people of their liberty, threatening civilians with firearms, obstructing agricultural activities, etc;
  5. Due to their presence in the immediate vicinity of the villages and on the roads between the communities, the free movement of people was limited.
    Moreover, the Azerbaijani authorities officially state, their armed attacks, threats of war are aimed at exerting an internationally prohibited influence on the delimitation and demarcation processes of borders.

Mr. Arman Tatoyan The Human Rights Defender of Armenia

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