Azerbaijan’s military attacks against Armenia’s peaceful, Arman Tatoyan

Azerbaijan’s military attacks against Armenia’s peaceful communities are from places where the sovereign territory Armenia was invaded. In other words, from the places and roads of Syunik and Gegharkunik, where they invaded and illegally deployed since May 2021.

For example, the Gegharkunik villages of Sotk, Norabak, and Kut are under targeted attacks: from schools to civilian houses.

Peaceful communities of Syunik are under attack from Azerbaijani positions unlawfully (criminal by nature) located on the Syunik Kapan-Tshakaten road, in the vicinity of villages, in the Sev (Black) Lake area.

I have always said that Azerbaijani armed locations in the vicinity of Armenian villages or on the roads are criminal, which is already a real threat to people’s lives and security, a threat to our communities, our entire country.

The attacks that started yesterday are the natural continuation of Armenophobia policy and the enmity of the Azerbaijani government. I have proved so many times that this policy will not stop, since it is a political tool for them, a means to keep their political power.

P.S. The pictures illustrate the ruins of Sotk village in the Gegharkunik province.

Arman Tatoyan

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