BBC Published An Interview With A Syrian Mercenary Deployed In Azerbaijan

The BBC published an interview with a Syrian mercenary who said that he had been recruited by one of the commanders of the pro-Turkish Syrian national army and is now in Azerbaijan.

According to him, he had been offered to guard military facilities for $2,000 a month, and he hadn’t anticipated participation in hostilities.

The Syrian mercenary was brought to Azerbaijan via Turkey’s territory.

The mercenary stated that despite the initial agreements and assurances, he and other mercenaries participated in battles against Armenian forces in Karabakh. He also said that he had seen the bodies of 10 killed Syrians and that 70 Syrian mercenaries had gotten wounded but received no medical attention.

According to the BBC, several families received news of the death of their relatives in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan and Turkey categorically deny the recruitment and dispatch of mercenaries to Karabakh.

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