Biased Distortions of History by Editors and Translators

Biased Distortions of History by Editors and TranslatorsDavid Marshall Lang (6 May 1924 – 20 March 1991), a professor of Caucasian Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, has been one of the most productive British scholars specializing in the history of ancient Armenia, Georgia, and Bulgaria.

It appears that the translations of his books into Russian are completely distorted, which becomes evident starting right from the titles. “Armenia: Cradle of Civilization” was replaced by “Armenians. Creative nation”. One of his books, “Georgians”, for some reason became “Georgians. Guardians of Holy Shrines”.

Now, let’s take a look at the names of the falsificators:

The translator of “Armenia: Cradle of Civilization” is E.F. Levina. The translator of “Georgians” is S. Fedorova. Lastly, the editor of “Armenia: Cradle of Civilization” is Georgian Y.I. Shengelaya while the editor of “Georgians” is Glebovskaya.

Apart from that, the Russian version of “Armenia: Cradle of Civilization” lacks quite a bit of its original images. However, “Georgians” was enhanced by Georgian artists Shervashidze, Tsitsishvili, Gaprindashvili, and Sumbadze.

And this is only a small part of everything distorted in the books.

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