Buses Say No To Expansion

Buses Say No To ExpansionCivilization has been expanding from the very moment of its beginning. The expansion has been accompanied by destruction of everything that stands in its way, because civilization implies comfort for human kind no matter of its cost. It is paradoxical, that everything hindering progress and development of civilization in one way or another is connected to humans.

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Civilization destroys habitat of animals, wiping out forests, drying rivers, seas and many other parts of nature, which are essential for humanity’s existence.

There is no tendency of conclusion of the process that soon or later might destroy human kind. But there are single cases considered exotic in modern world. One of them is the invention which found its application in French town of Louviers, near Rouen, the capital city of Normandy, France.
The invention itself has nothing to do with new technologies and hardly can cause technological interest, as it is more of an old invention which has been put into new use.

The purpose of the invention is much more fascinating. With such actions town of Louviers is battling the expansion of civilization. That new invention is just a school bus with pedals named S’cool Bus.
The S’cool Bus is constructed upon an ordinary bike, and first-graders of Louviers under supervision of an adult travel to school and back home on that bus, having great time.

The town’s narrow streets aren’t spacy enough for an ordinary bus to operate properly. The administration of the town would have to demolish some old buildings, cut trees and entire gardens if they were to bring big transport in the town. By putting the S’cool Bus in service administration of Louviers are by fact saving the city’s historical heritage.

It is noteworthy that it was exactly Rouen, the capital city of Normandy, which carried experiments with such a bus, though they haven’t been successful. Use of the S’cool Bus allowed the town of Louviers to receive subsidies from the government for ecological programs.

Those school buses, besides pedal traction, operate on electric engines, which allow the vehicles to reach speed of 15 km/h. Louviers carries several routes of such buses, which have already been in performance for three years.

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