Cher – I Am Really Armenian

Cher - I Am Really ArmenianCher (Cherilyn Sargsyan) is one of the few female singers and actresses who won the Oscar, Grammy Award, Emmy Award, and 3 Golden Globes, as well as the only performer in history whose songs ranked first in the US charts for five decades.

In 1993, Cher visited Armenia, bringing with her humanitarian aid.

“I was in Armenia, Yerevan, just at the time when the war broke out. My father is Armenian, but I only met him when I was eleven years old, so until eleven, I didn’t know that I was Armenian. When I met my father, I saw that we were very much alike. But when I came to Armenia, I was amazed that I looked like everyone and that everyone looked like me.

For me, this was a true discovery – yes, I am really an Armenian! But before visiting Armenia, I haven’t felt this.

Our cargo plane delivered humanitarian aid to the people. They were in a state of shock – they were left without shelter and without food. It was wonderful that I arrived in Armenia and was able to help them.

I have never seen such suffering and such dignity. I was so proud. I was at home. These people, their eyes… we were so much alike. This trip to Armenia still lives in my heart. ”

Photo by Taro Yamasaki: half-paralyzed Christina Aghabekova (3 years old) in the arms of her mother Nelly. Eight months earlier, the Aghabekov family asked their relative who had emigrated to the US to contact Cher and hand her a letter asking for help for Christina. Arriving in Yerevan, Cher brought papers for the girl’s departure to Los Angeles for treatment. Candles are lit not for festive reasons – in blockaded Yerevan, there was electricity only for a couple of hours per day, but not every day.
A park that in the winter of 1992-93 had been cut down by local residents for kindling. Also a photo of Taro Yamasaki. Photos of Cher’s trip to Armenia illustrated Yamasaki’s report on the singer’s journey published in the “People” magazine in May 1993).

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