Clothing with high intelligence

Clothing with high intelligenceYou’ll never know what will bring us combination between intelligent and simple cloth. A clothing which is not only fashionable, but also intelligent is getting their brief for some time.

1. Futuristic design – In Berlin young designers are developing dresses of future. Like t-shirts with solar panels from Pauline van Dongen, sunglasses from Mykita and “Algae Coat” latex coat from SteinRohner.


2. Workshop of modern design – This is a toolkit that helps to create “smart” clothing. It looks like that we won’t need scissors, needles and paper anymore.


3. Designers Lamps – Lets look closely on what she is wearing. We can see transparent blouse with built-in LED blacklight from the collection “Body Electric” of the French designer Clara Dagen, as well as shoes on a large platform from the same collection.

Designers Lamps

4. Three-dimensional printing at the service of fashion – In this picture we can see mini-skirt and biker’s jacket belonging to “tigha” brand which are created with help of 3D printing device by designer Maartje Dijkstra.

Three-dimensional printing at the service of fashion

5. Reasonable fashion – These dresses are made of recycled material. Attire is made of acrylic glass with high durability. They both are designed by Lena Vautta Martijn van Shtrin. Raincoat is of the Stutterheim brand.

Reasonable fashion

Photo by DW

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